The Polytechnic Forum, an initiative which started in 1996, aims to provide a platform for polytechnic students to gain a deeper understanding of national issues through discussions and engagement with government and industry leaders. It is hoped that the participants will embrace their role as young Singaporeans as they glean meaningful insights from the discussions and propose ideas on how youths can help shape the Singapore of the future.

In recognition of the Singapore Bicentennial Commemoration, this year’s forum is a collaborative effort between the five polytechnics and the Singapore Bicentennial Office. The issues for discussion will center around a reflection on Singapore’s history over 700 years through an exploration of the DNA (traits) that has made us uniquely Singapore.

The pre-forum will take place from 10th to 12th September and the residential programme will be from 16th to 18th September at Resort Worlds Singapore.

Objectives of PF2019

Through facilitated sessions of discussion and ideation, experiential learning and independent research components, this year’s forum aims to stretch participants and drive key 21st century competencies and student outcomes (MOE Framework for 21st Century Competencies and Student Outcomes).

The Forum also aims to lend support to the Bicentennial Commemoration by instilling a greater awareness of and appreciation for Singapore history. Participants are encouraged to take on the role of active citizens and researchers to learn from our shared past, in order to make sound recommendations for the future. The intended output from PF2019 is two-fold; a showcase of solutions on national issues through the eyes of the youths and a new sense of the Singaporean identity that will enable us to thrive in the next 50 years and beyond.

PF2019 Key Features/Highlights

This year’s forum will include an array of experiences that are meant to stimulate individual and collective thinking. Together with the Singapore Bicentennial Office and other key stakeholders, the forum will include the following features:

  • Experiential learning trails curated by the Singapore Bicentennial Commemoration
  • Customised Learning Journeys
  • Research and reflection across different platforms
  • Field interviews with Singaporeans from all walks of life
  • Dialogue sessions with government and industry leaders